For children


Providing dynamic learning support and bespoke tutoring for special needs children, children with learning difficulties and behavioural challenges. 5-18 years of age.


Our focus is building on strengths, interests and ability in a supportive environment. Our belief is to empower parents with the skills, knowledge and understand to continue the learning at home.


Creating engaging educational programs, delivered in your home. Diverse programs focused on engagement, fun, creating and fostering a love of learning and curiosity. Learning skills, for life!


We provide you with support to implement programs from other professional services such as, Occupational Therapists and Speech Pathologists. We provide assistance in establishing routines, communication tools, transition management, emotional regulation, picture timetables and behaviour management strategies.



In a Nutshell


Social skills

Social stories

Visual routines

Video modelling

Learning to Learn

Friendship and Bullying

Managing Screen Addiction

Sensory processing challenges

Managing new adventures via Video 360

Understanding your super power ASD

Social skills through Lego and STEM

Developing a Growth Mindset

Learning to read and write

Introduction to Robotics

Sensory Motor programs

Disengaged Learners

Learning challenges

Introduction to coding

Getting your Mojo back

Executive Functioning

Resilience Building

Getting organised

Anxiety Busting

Social Stories