For teachers and schools.


Excellent teaching in this rapidly changing environment has never been more important; this generation holds the weight of the world, if not species, on its shoulders. It is this generation that must find the solutions to the problems we face. Teachers need to look after themselves to look after the children in their class. We highly recommend Life Coaching to ensure teachers look after themselves. We assist them in finding a work-life balance and be the teacher they yearn to be.


In education:

1  Maximising student engagement,

2 Creating collaborative environments,

3 Teacher well being,


These are the educational  focus in modern education systems and lay at the heart of educational reform.


The Canvas360 is a modern observation tool, aligned with the Australian Standards of Education, that provides crucial feedback to graduate and proficient teachers (and schools) on the quality of student engagement.


It is a confidential 30-45 min session and follows with a debriefing, that is guaranteed to improve the quality of student engagement in the classroom.


The Canvas360 provides exceptional professional dialogue leading to a shared and common understanding of classroom engagement techniques.

In a Nutshell

Teacher  Life Coaching.

Supporting educators to find balance, and achieve their dreams.

Professional Development.

The coaching model of leadership

Growth Mindset

Behaviour Change

Canvass360 Engagement profile.

Training in Canvas360

Advanced Cavass360

Canvass360 Trainer

Whole school Canvass360