Is your neuro divergent child ready to thrive?

At eXceptional Learners, we empower neuro divergent children with ADHD, anxiety and autism, as well as their families and teachers, with their skills and knowledge of themselves and the condition to create a brighter future together in either one-on-one coaching or via zoom.

Our diverse programs focus on strengths, engagement, fun, creating and fostering a love of learning and curiosity, making education, parenting, friendships and life easier.

We also work with teachers, schools and communities to help create reasonable adjustments suited to your child’s unique educational needs in a supportive community environment.

  • Healthier thinking
  • Inclusivity & understanding
  • Effective strategies
  • Supportive community
  • Affordable sessions
  • Exceptional vision

Help Simon daRoza Continue Supporting Neurodivergent Children and Families. Your support will allow me to continue my work with neurodivergent individuals and further develop the Exceptional Campus concept.

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Parenting ADHDers together

One hour per week x 4 weeks Zoom guided consultation with both parents.

Only five places are available per month.

ADHD Parenting Course

Online Videos and resources across five core modules to support your child.

ADHD study hacks

Designed for senior school students, as well as their parents and their teachers .

Study strategies, tips and tricks for the students, as well as ways you can support neuro divergent Year 11 and Year 12 young adults.

Meet Simon da Roza

Simons’ passion for education and insight into the minds of children, how they learn and why they do the things they do, has established him as an acclaimed and much-loved expert in his field.

Specialising in behaviour change, early literacy and growth mindset for children with anxiety, ADHD and autism, Simon is a father of four who has over 30 years of experience in teaching, leading and inspiring children, parents and educators to create brighter futures together.


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