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Support services for communities and teachers of neurodivergent children

With approximately 1 in 6 children having natural variations in their brain development, there’s a very high likelihood that every community and classroom will contain at least one, if not more neurodivergent children.

When schools and communities acknowledge, embrace and support this neurodiversity, children thrive, focusing on their schoolwork, taking part in social activities and learning healthier and more productive ways of interacting with others in the classroom, their families and in the community. 

Embracing neurodiversity is also good for our society as a whole, as it allows neurodivergent people of all ages to fully contribute their different strengths in creative, innovative and analytical thinking, as well as expertise in areas of special interest.

Resources and support services for teachers of neurodivergent children

At eXceptional Learners we have a range of resources and offer in school professional learning, specifically designed to help teachers to:

  • Maximise student engagement
  • Creative collaborative learning environments
  • Achieve a work/life balance and look after their own well well being
  • Become the teacher they yearn to be

Our Canvas360 Observational Tool and e-book, ‘Watch them Shine’, provides teachers with powerful and practical ways to unlock the potential of children with ADHD, equipping educators with the knowledge, skills and tools to meet their legal and moral responsibilities in providing access to education to all in inclusive educational facilities.

The Canvas 360 Observational Tool ​

The Canvas360 is a modern observation tool, aligned with the Australian Standards of Education, that provides crucial feedback to graduate and proficient teachers (and schools) on the quality of student engagement.

It is a confidential 30-45 min session and follows with a debriefing that is guaranteed to improve the quality of student engagement in the classroom.

The Canvas360 provides exceptional professional dialogue leading to a shared and common understanding of classroom engagement techniques.

“Watch Them Shine” Ebook

The “Watch Them Shine” Ebook is a resource for teachers and parents who are supporting neurodivergent learners. It is designed to help improve the educational outcomes and guidance of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) by applying knowledge of executive functioning delays in creating effective, reasonable adjustments in the classroom.

Academic research of neurology and ADHD has turned our appreciation of this disability on its head. What we once thought ADHD to be is wrong. With a deep understanding of the neurology of ADHD, you can better understand its effects upon the classroom and learning.

Each presentation is unique and therefore each solution must also be unique. As the expert in your classroom and of the children in your care, you can add creative solutions that you and your students collaboratively implement in light of this knowledge and you will create effective reasonable adjustments.

All of the adjustments recommended in the book are free and can be implemented today. They will have an immediate positive effect on both students and teachers’ wellbeing.

When you start from a strengths-based perspective, add empathy guidance, you can watch your students, and yourself, thrive!

“Simon’s e-book ‘Watch them Shine’ truly does contain a powerful and practical tool kit to unlock the potential of children with ADHD.  

“Presented brilliantly; this is a comprehensive, easy to understand, and value-packed guide, perfect for parents/ carers; educational and health professionals.  

“The ready to implement tips will truly make a wonderful difference to children; and gift them the possibility to thrive; at home, school and the greater community. Thank you Simon!  

Sonia Bestulic – Bestselling Author, Founding Director of Talking Heads Speech Pathology and Podcaster of Chatabout Children.

Community workshops and online community groups

Simon regularly travels to communities right across NSW to teach, facilitating community workshops to lead and inspire neuro-diverse children, their parents, educators and entire communities on how to embrace a life-long journey of learning more about neurodivergent children.

Our digital community includes our FREE eXceptional Learners Facebook Group which is a secure, safe and supportive online place where people can chat, connect and grow together with neurodiverse children, their families and other community members.

Within our digital community there are two Digital Village groups run per month in the Private Facebook Group: one for dads and one for families.

Get your community together and have Simon speak to your community. Happy to organise a regional NSW trip with 3 months preparation time.

Over 30 years experience working with neurodivergent children and their families

Simon da Roza is a father of four who has over 30 years experience working with neurodivergent children aged from 5-17 years of age.

Specialising in behaviour change, early literacy and growth mindset, Simon empowers children, teenagers, parents, families, teachers and communities with the skills and knowledge to understand and advocate for their unique educational needs in a supportive community.

Simon works with a wide range of disengaged neurodivergent learners, including children and teenagers with:

  • ADHD
  • Anxiety
  • Autism
  • Behavioural challenges
  • Learning difficulties
  • Sensory processing challenges

Practical workshops, support services and programs for teachers, schools and communities

Give Simon a call and discuss how your professional learning needs or community requirements can be met in person or online.

Our range of in person and online practical workshops, support services and programs for teachers, schools and communities includes:

  • Advanced Cavass360
  • Behaviour Change​
  • Canvass360 Engagement profile
  • Canvass360 Trainer
  • Community workshops
  • Creating collaborative environments
  • Digital Community Facebook group
  • Professional Development.
  • School and community workshops
  • School meetings, including emails & phone consultation
  • Supporting educators to find balance, and achieve their dreams
  • Digital Village group for families
  • Digital Village group for dads
  • Enhance your own well being
  • Growth Mindset
  • Individualised IEP Writing for Schools
  • In school professional learning
  • Maximising student engagement
  • Teacher Life Coaching
  • The coaching model of leadership
  • Training in Canvas360
  • Whole school Canvass360

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