Our Services

For Children

Life coaching and practical resources to help school-aged neurodivergent children with learning difficulties, behavioural challenges and children with ADHD or autism adapt to a healthier and more productive way of acting/behaving.

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For Parents

One-on-one support for you and your child with our engaging and diverse educational programs, delivered in your home in our workshop or in your home.

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For Communities & Teachers

Resources specifically designed to help teachers to maximise student engagement, creative collaborative learning environments, achieve a work/life balance and look after their own well being.

  • Individualised IEP Writing for Schools
  • School meetings including emails & phone consultation
  • Maximise student engagement
  • Create collaborative environments
  • Enhance your own well being
  • Survey Monkey
  • In school professional learning
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For Communities

Simon travels to communities right across NSW to teach, lead and inspire neuro-diverse children, their parents, educators and entire communities on how to embrace a life-long journey of learning.

  • School and community workshops
  • Digital Community – 2 Digital Village groups run per month in the Private Facebook Group. One for dads and one for families
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