About eXceptional Learners

At eXceptional Learners we create brighter, inclusive futures, together, for neurodiverse children, their families, their teachers and their communities.

Because neurodiverse students often need adjustments to the way they are taught to help ensure their learning success, we provide early educational intervention for you and your child, always placing your child as the focus as we move forward instead of dwelling on the past.

We empower you, the parent, to continue to reinforce new behaviours and teach new concepts in the home and in the teachable moment. This makes our programs much more affordable, with the consistency between locations also becoming a powerful learning accelerator.

We provide teachers with the skills and resources they need to maximise student engagement, creative collaborative learning environments and look after their own well being.

We help neurodiverse children engage in the learning environment and adapt to a healthier and more productive way of acting/behaving to allow them to thrive.

Simons’ passion for education and insight into the minds of children, how they learn and why they do the things they do, has established him as an acclaimed and much-loved expert in his field.

Specialising in behaviour change, early literacy and growth mindset for children with anxiety, ADHD and autism, Simon has over 30 years of experience in teaching, leading and inspiring children, parents and educators to embrace a life-long journey of learning.

His passion for education and insight into the minds of children, how they learn and why they do the things they do, will help you understand how to help your children be the very best they can be.

  • Stories of success, experiences, and failures are shared in a warm and engaging manner
  • Expert theoretical knowledge
  • Practical workshops are jam-packed with tips, tricks, strategies and resources to support you and your child
  • Unique insights into the challenges of the classroom
  • Ideas on how to build positive relationships with teachers and schools so that the learning of neurodiverse children is maximised.

Simon is a neurodiverse father of four children, now an empty nester and loving it!