Reframing ADHD for older kids
ADHDer in your class

ADHD grandparents
ADHD awareness October month. Be an advocate and spread the word about ADHD

ADHD October awareness month. Can I make it easier?
ADHD Awareness October 26. Daydreaming and how to get started

ADHD awareness Month October. Why do I have trouble reading?
ADHD Awareness month. Talking tooooo much?

ADHD Awareness Month. Brothers and Sisters.
ADHD Awareness Month. Am I an ADHder or a person with ADHD?

ADHD Awareness October month. Why do I say things I don’t mean?
ADHD Awareness Month. What to do when I feel overwhelmed.

ADHD Awareness Month. Why do we have big emotions anyway?
ADHD October Awareness Month.

ADHD Awareness Month. Friendships
ADHD Awareness month. Friendships

ADHD Awareness Month. “do you remember a group chat from a week ago?
ADHD Awareness month October Group Chats

ADHD awareness Month October 1
Kids and Covid. its going to be okay

First task
Cranky kids

Be the calm
IMG 5456

5 fingers down
illustrating spelling

Fortnite verses Parents